About Us

Beth Michelle Thornton is a 47-year-old personal fitness instructor that delights in escapology, going to the flicks and also tennis. She is secure and giving, yet can additionally be very afraid as well as a bit thrifty.

She is American, that defines herself as pansexual. She ended up institution and after that left the academic community. She has an extreme anxiety of sausages

Literally, Beth is in respectable form. She is average-height with fair skin, white hair and black eyes.

She matured in an upper class area. She was raised in a happy family residence with 2 loving parents.

She is presently single. Her most recent love was with a politician called Lisa Josie Watkins, that coincided age as her. Lisa died in 2013. The documents reported the reason of fatality: ‘influenza’.

Beth’s buddy is a personal trainer called Kenneth Howells. They obtain on well a lot of the moment. She also hangs around with Kara Sharp and Give Burke. They enjoy participating in galleries together.